Top Things You Didn’t Know About Dentures in Swedesboro & South Jersey!

When people think about dentures they often picture the elderly slapping their gums because they don’t have any more teeth, but in reality, having dentures is not just for the elderly. In fact, a good portion of the American population either have a partial or even full set of dentures. Not only that, the average age for people to start wearing dentures, in reality, is actually around 44 years of age. That being said, we are going to be showing you some things you may or may not know about dentures. So, read on and learn more about dentures. Enjoy!

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Difference Between Full & Partial Dentures.

Although not many people know this, there is actually different types of dentures and each created for your specific needs. On the one hand, there are full dentures. Now, these, of course, will cover your whole mouth, is used to replace your missing teeth. Likewise it will help to strengthen and keep healthy, your jaw. Because without it, your jaw will start to decay more quickly over time.

On the other hand, there are partial dentures. Now, of course, most people do not lose their natural teeth in one instant, unless you have a freak accident. That being said, Partial dentures are used to replace individual missing teeth. Fitting securely around your natural teeth, they help to keep your teeth, jaw and bone structure healthy. They are also made from the same materials used in full dentures, making them strong and very durable to withstand your eating and chewing.

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What Are Dentures Made Of?

Way back in the olden days, people like George Washington had wooden dentures, which were painful and inconvenient. Over time, dentists came up with new and more improved ways to make dentures, such as porcelain or plastic, but even those were not as resilient materials. Nowadays, however, dentists use a much more durable and comfortable material called resin. The other part of your dentures, the part that looks like your gum line and holds everything in place, is made from a super flexible polymer material. This is also why dentures are quite fragile and need to be handled carefully.


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