You’ll need plenty of energy to enjoy the summer with your family. You also will want some peace of mind knowing that your smile, and your time, are safe from the inconvenience and the pain of dental injuries and damage.
Today, our team at Elizabeth Kilpatrick-Fox, DMD can give you both with a completely customized mouthguard!

Enjoy Summer More With A Custom Mouthguard!

With a custom mouthguard designed especially for you from Dr. Fox, your summer could improve immeasurably, and here are three reasons why:

*It Could Improve Your Sleep Quality*

Loud snoring that won’t stop even after you’ve tried changing your sleep position or wearing nasal strips and other gadgets at night could be a sign of sleep apnea. This is a condition where your breathing is obstructed repeatedly throughout the night, and often, where your throat muscles relax and cause you to snore.
This can easily keep you and your partner from getting a full, restful night’s sleep.
But with a custom snore guard from your Swedesboro dentist, your airways are kept open while you sleep, allowing air to move freely and preventing loud snoring that keeps you, and your family, awake at night.

*It Could Prevent Dental Damage & Wear*

Something you might do without realizing it is damage your tooth enamel or wear down your teeth prematurely because of bruxism, or teeth grinding.
You might do it unwittingly during moments of intense stress or concentration, or you may even do it at night while you’re sleeping. Regardless, grinding your teeth puts extra pressure on your jaw joint and can lead to painful headaches, and like we’ve said, damage and wear to your enamel.
We can design a custom mouthguard for you so your upper and lower teeth don’t meet and grind together during the night, allowing you to keep your jaw from moving out of alignment and your teeth from getting nicked, chipped, or worn.

*It Could Prevent Dental Injuries*

Summer is a peak time for sports, which means dental injuries are more likely during this particular season.
It really doesn’t matter the sport, your teeth and gums are at an increased risk for damage any time you’re involved in a physical activity that has you moving, running, or changing directions quickly. There’s an added risk with sports that require the use of hard equipment like bats, clubs, rackets, and balls.
An athletic mouthguard is an effective way to prevent potentially traumatic injuries to your head, teeth, gums, and jaw. Because you need it fit properly and comfortably for best protection, you should invest in an athletic mouthguard from a dentist who has the tools and training to get the most precise measurements of your mouth.
Unfortunately, you can’t find that same customization from one you buy at a sporting goods store!

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This summer, you deserve to feel your best and have peace of mind knowing your teeth and gums are safe from harm.
A custom mouthguard from your Swedesboro dentist could give you that!
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