Restore Your Smile With Swedesboro, NJ Dental Implants

There are multiple teeth replacement options to fill the gaps in your smile and make it possible to chew food again. But only dental implants offer a fit, feel, and functionality that’s so close to your natural teeth that you may not even be able to tell the difference! Compared to other types of replacement teeth, implants provide:

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  • More stability. Because implants are embedded in your jaw, they can’t move or shift.
  • More convenient care. You won’t need messy adhesive to keep your implants in place or special solutions to clean them. Just brush and floss as usual to keep them looking good.
  • More versatility. You can replace a single tooth, multiple teeth, or even an entire mouthful of teeth with implants, depending on the type of dental restoration you use with them.
  • Better oral health. Because implants stimulate your jaw just like natural tooth roots do, your bone will remain strong and healthy. You won’t develop a “sunken-in” look over time.
  • Longer life. The titanium implants that Dr. Fox embeds in your jaw should last a lifetime.

To see if you’re a candidate for teeth implants, call 856-997-2767.

Get Your Entire Dental Implant Procedure in One Place

A growing number of dentists offer implants. But few have the expertise of Dr. Fox! She is a Diplomate in the International Congress of Oral Implantologists, which means she demonstrated her proficiency by submitting case studies, completing advanced education, and being tested on her knowledge.

Some dentists place implants but don’t restore them with a dental crown or other restoration. Others only restore implants after they’ve been placed by a specialist. Dr. Fox has been doing both placement and restoration for 18 years. So you can complete your entire dental implant procedure in one place.

From evaluation to placement to restoration, you can get all your care from a single implant dentist. Dr. Fox uses advanced technology like cone beam computed tomography (CBCT), a special X-ray that produces 3D images of your teeth and underlying bone, tissue, and nerve pathways. She can also extract teeth, perform a bone graft, or otherwise prepare you for your implants.

Choose Different Types of Dental Implants

Our Swedesboro, NJ implant dentist offers a wide variety of implants, from a single implant with a dental crown to replace one tooth to full-mouth dental implants with dentures. Dr. Fox can use mini dental implants in areas where space is tight or there isn’t enough bone density to support a full-size implant. You may even be able to receive replacement teeth and dental implants in one day.

Thanks to her advanced training and expertise, Dr. Fox can advise you on which type of implant will work best for you.

Stay Comfortable During Your Dental Implant Procedure

If your procedure requires you to spend an extended amount of time in our chair, you can stay cozy with a pillow and blanket. You can also watch TV or listen to music using headphones. We’ll numb you with local anesthesia so you won’t feel a thing. If you’re anxious, you can take medication to help you relax.

To talk to Dr. Fox about dental implants, call 856-997-2767. You can also contact us via our online form.

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