Improve Your Quality of Life With Mouthguards

In addition to protecting teeth from sports-related damage, custom mouthguards can be used to prevent:

  • Teeth Grinding – Also called bruxism, this habit not only damages your teeth but can also cause a sore jaw, headaches, and other painful conditions. Using impressions of your teeth, Dr. Fox can create a custom mouthguard that will keep you from grinding or clenching your teeth and also relieve pressure on your jaw. Once you’ve stopped your grinding habit, she can repair any damage with dental crowns or other restorations.
  • Snoring – If chronic snoring is keeping you and other members of your household from getting a restful night’s sleep, Dr. Fox can fit you for a snore guard. This device works by gently shifting your jaw forward while you sleep so your airway remains clear. Most snoring sufferers find a snore guard far more comfortable to wear than a CPAP (continuous positive airway pressure) machine, another commonly prescribed remedy for snoring.

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