Dr. Fox Offers Mini Dental Implants in Swedesboro

To get dental implants, you need a jaw strong enough to support them. This can be a problem if you have lost teeth, especially if you’ve been without them for a while. That’s because bone density diminishes when your teeth are missing. You can likely still enjoy the benefits of implants, though, with mini dental implants in Swedesboro, NJ.

Though they are smaller than conventional dental implants, mini implants offer many of the same advantages – as well as some of their own:

  • Because they are not as large, they are quicker and easier to place.
  • Recovery time with mini implants is shorter.
  • They are often more affordable than full-size implants.
  • Mini implants are useful in areas where space is tight or bone isn’t strong enough for full-size implants.
  • They can often be used to stabilize your existing dentures.

Although one of their most popular uses is to secure dentures, Dr. Elizabeth Fox may suggest them for other uses too. You can trust her recommendations, as she has been placing and restoring implants since 2000. She is a Fellow in the Misch Resnik Implant Institute and a Diplomate in the International Congress of Oral Implantologists. Both honors require an advanced level of achievement.

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Relax During Your Mini Implants Procedure

Since placing mini implants is a quicker and less complex process than full-size implant placement, you will likely only require local anesthesia. But if you’re feeling anxious about the procedure, you can get a pill to calm your nerves and help you relax. You can also get comfortable with a pillow and blanket. To distract you from the sensations and sounds, you can watch TV or listen to music using headphones.

For more information on mini dental implants in Swedesboro, NJ, call Elizabeth Kilpatrick-Fox, DMD at 856-997-2767. We welcome patients from Swedesboro and surrounding areas like Logan Township, Woolwich Township, Harrison Township, and South Harrison Township.

Common Questions About Mini Dental Implants

What is a mini dental implant?

As the name implies, a mini dental implant is a smaller version of a dental implant. As with traditional dental implants, a post is surgically embedded into your jaw to act as a foundation for the dental restoration that will replace your tooth or teeth. The main difference between mini dental implants and traditional dental implants is that a smaller titanium post is used (about half the size of posts for traditional implants), which requires a less invasive procedure.

How strong are mini dental implants?

Mini dental implants are about half the diameter of full-size implants. Unlike conventional implants, they are made of one solid piece instead of two pieces (the implant itself plus an abutment for attaching your dental restoration). Because of this, they aren’t right for every dental implant placement. Dr. Fox will help you determine which implants will work best for your situation.

How long do mini dental implants last?

Research and experience show that mini implants may last just as long as traditional implants. Once they are inserted into your jawbone and allowed to fuse with the bone, they can last for several decades. In most cases, they will remain in your jawbone functioning as a base for replacement teeth without any problems.

Can mini implants be used for upper dentures?

Yes, mini implants are often used to stabilize a set of upper dentures. Due to their small size, the procedure for placing them is not as invasive as that for standard implants, making them a good choice for patients who may not have sufficient bone in their upper jaw to support full-sized implants.