Are Mini Dental Implants for Dentures a Good Idea?

Mini dental implants are sometimes a better choice for patients than full-size implants. Here are some instances where Swedesboro, NJ dentist Dr. Elizabeth Fox might recommend mini dental implants for you:


  • They can work well for senior citizens or for people with medical conditions that slow healing time, because placing them is less invasive than placing full-size implants.
  • A mini dental implant will fit more easily into a tight space, especially one where it won’t be under a lot of chewing force. The front of your mouth is a good example.
  • They can be a good choice for replacing small teeth or premolars.
  • They are often a good option if your jaw is too thin to support full-size implants.


Mini Dental Implants Offer Many Advantages


The FDA originally approved mini dental implants to stabilize dentures. They work well for this purpose. There are many advantages to using mini dental implants for dentures:

  • You can use your existing dentures, which makes the procedure especially affordable.
  • The implants will keep your dentures from slipping. You’ll never be embarrassed while eating again!
  • You’ll no longer need messy adhesive to keep your dentures in place.
  • It’s possible to attach a full arch of replacement teeth to your upper jaw, leaving your palate exposed. This enables you to more fully taste and enjoy your food.
  • You can get your dentures and implants in a single appointment. Contrast that to full-size implants, which must usually heal for a month or longer before Dr. Fox can restore them.
  • Just like full-size implants, mini dental implants will stimulate your jaw so your bone remains strong. This will prevent that “sunken-in” look that can result from the bone loss that occurs over time with traditional dentures.


Ensuring Your Implant Procedure Is Successful


Precise placement is essential to using mini dental implants for dentures. Fortunately, Dr. Fox is an expert implant dentist. She has been both placing and restoring dental implants since 2000. She is a Fellow in the Misch International Implant Institute, a program founded by influential implant expert Dr. Carl Misch. She’s also a Diplomate in the International Congress of Oral Implantologists, an honor that requires dentists to complete interviews, exams, and extensive documentation of their experience. She is certified to perform Hybridge Full Mouth Restoration, a process in which patients get their dental implants and replacement teeth in just one day.


Dr. Fox also uses the latest dental technology, like cone beam computed tomography, to carefully plan your mini dental implant procedure. This special X-ray provides a 3D view of your teeth and underlying facial structure so she can identify the best possible spots for implant placement.


You Can Get Other Types of Dental Implants Too


Of course, you can get other types of dental implants too. They are so versatile that they can be used with different restorations. There is an implant/restoration combination for virtually any situation involving missing teeth. At our Swedesboro, NJ dentist office, you can get:

  • A single dental implant with a dental crown to replace one tooth.
  • Dental implants with a fixed bridge to replace several teeth.
  • Dental implants with dentures, either full or partial. You can choose implant-retained dentures, which can easily be removed for cleaning, or implant-supported dentures, which are typically removed only by a dentist.


All of the options for dental implants can seem confusing. So you’ll want to work with an experienced dental implant dentist. Call Elizabeth Kilpatrick-Fox, DMD at 856-997-2767 to schedule a consultation with Dr. Fox. She’ll assess the condition of your teeth and your overall health and help you determine which kinds of implants are right for you.

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