Bring A Great Smile To Your Fall Events With A Smile Makeover! [BLOG]

A lot of changes are taking place this time of year: changes to your family’s routine, changes to the weather, changes to the landscape, and changes to your social calendar!

Don’t let your smile imperfections spoil your good time this fall.

Get a smile makeover in Swedesboro, NJ with Dr. Elizabeth Kilpatrick-Fox, DMD!

Bring A Great Smile To Your Special Fall Events!

Embarrassing smile flaws will affect every day of the year. But with our help and a comprehensive smile makeover, you can have a healthier, more attractive smile in time for your special seasonal events, such as:

*Picture Day*

Yes, picture day! Fall is back-to-school time for students across the country, which means schools get an early start on pictures and planning the yearbook.

Even if you’re long out of school, you still might need to have your picture taken for continuing education, a work badge or ID, and maybe even a passport for an upcoming trip!

*Fall Weddings*

This is a popular time for weddings because it’s still nice outside but not too hot, and the leaves are changing the landscape in a breathtaking way. Your smile will need to be picture-perfect for all the memory capturing and photo sharing you’ll do!

*Holiday Celebrations*

It starts as early as Labor Day and doesn’t slow down until you ring in the new year.  Why?

Because this is the kick off to a busy season of holiday celebrations where you’ll need to look your best with a great smile!

A Smile Makeover Is Your Customized Cosmetic Plan

Your customized cosmetic plan is like no one else’s, which means you’ll have your specific smile goals addressed and corrected by the time all treatments are completed.

But just to give you an idea about what sort of work might be included, we’re listing three of the most common!

*Whiten Your Teeth*

You want a nice, healthy set of pearly whites. But after you’ve spent years enjoying a morning cup of coffee or the occasional glass of red wine with a plate of pasta marinara, your pearly whites take on a darker hue.

Teeth whitening can lift those stains and boost your confidence because you’ll have the perfect sparkling accessory shining across your face at all your special events this season!

*Tooth Bonding*

A tooth-colored resin, matched beforehand to the rest of your teeth, is applied over your tooth enamel to hide things like gaps, chips, and cracks.

The resin is carefully polished and shaped so your smile looks completely refreshed.

*Dental Veneers*

Dental veneers, perhaps more than any other cosmetic treatment, are their own smile makeover. That’s because they correct such varied smile flaws and imperfections, from dark stains, to gaps between your teeth, to dental damage, to awkward teeth in terms of size, shape, and position.

Schedule A Consultation

Get your initial consultation on the books at Elizabeth Kilpatrick-Fox, DMD to start your smile makeover journey!

Dr. Fox will first make sure you’re free of dental problems and are ready for cosmetic dentistry. Then we’ll map out your cosmetic treatment plan to give you the smile of your dreams for a great new season this fall!

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