Choose Stress-Free Dentistry For A New, Healthier Life! [BLOG]

This year, take back control of your oral and overall health and live your best life with help from our team at Elizabeth Kilpatrick-Fox, DMD!

We’re here to make sure you experience stress-free dentistry with every visit to our Swedesboro, NJ practice so you can have a healthy, beautiful smile for a lifetime!

Choose Stress-Free Dentistry This Year!

At Elizabeth Kilpatrick-Fox, DMD, stress-free dentistry is a top priority to our team. That’s why we maintain a warm, friendly environment in our Swedesboro, NJ dentist office, invest in the latest technology, provide an array of flexible financing options, and offer dental sedation.

These are highly effective strategies that, when used together, can help you overcome the fear that’s kept you from getting the routine dental care you need and the healthy mouth you deserve!

Here’s more on why our approach to dental anxiety relief can be so helpful to improving your health this year, and well beyond!

*The Benefits Of Modern Technology*

What we find with patients who are returning to the dentist office after years without routine care is how surprised they are about the ways modern technology has changed since they last visited.

This is significant to their success in overcoming dental anxiety because many had no idea that the dreadful, and often painful, procedures from their past are no longer something to fear!

Advanced dental technology, such as our Chao Pinhole® Treatment, has completely transformed the patient experience. This particular technique painlessly treats recessed gums without cutting or stitching, making the process far more comfortable than ever before.

This is just one example of how much dentistry has changed for the better, something you should experience for yourself in order to put away the fear that scary, painful dental treatments from your past may happen again.

*Oral Sedation Can Change Everything*

A friendly atmosphere and relaxed environment are only part of ensuring maximum comfort for our patients.

What can truly change everything for especially anxious patients is oral sedation.

With a prescribed pill that you take before your dental appointment, you’ll feel completely relaxed in time for your procedure. You won’t be asleep, but the medication provides just enough sedative power to relieve your dental anxiety while get the treatment you need.

We’ve found this type of sedation to be incredibly effective for patients like you who’ve let fear control their dental health for too long. It helps people build confidence about coming to the dentist with each successful, stress-free experience!

Start A New Life Now!

Your teeth and gums are as important a component of your overall wellness as a balanced, nutritious diet and regular exercise. That’s why, to live your best life, you need routine dental cleanings and exams as part of your overall approach to total health.

And with our help, you don’t have to let dental fear keep you from regular visits to our Swedesboro, NJ practice!

To schedule your stress-free dental appointment at Elizabeth Kilpatrick-Fox, DMD, call us today at 856-997-2767 or fill out our online form.

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