Effective Ways To Find Relief From Dental Anxiety [BLOG]

Our team at Elizabeth Kilpatrick-Fox, DMD doesn’t expect anyone to be over the moon about their dental appointments.

It’s natural to be a little nervous at first, but today, we want to address a more severe type of fear, nervousness, and anxiety about dental care… the kind that keeps you from having a healthy, beautiful smile you deserve.

Don’t Let Dental Anxiety Control You!

We’re going to talk you through what it takes to get over your dental fears so you can come out on the other side completely in control of your oral health!

*Dental Fear Comes From Somewhere*

Getting beyond dental fear has to begin by figuring out where it’s coming from.

For many people, it started in childhood because of a negative, traumatic, or painful dental experience that they fear repeating.

For others, it could just be a fear of pain in general, especially if your dentist doesn’t explain your procedure beforehand or use advanced numbing techniques to make sure you don’t feel anything during it.

It can also be due to the actual physical discomfort of being in the dental chair with your mouth open for a long time, or having a sensitive gag reflex, or perhaps even just the environmental triggers like the sounds, sights, and smells of the dentist office.

Think about what’s really at the center of your own fear so you can move forward in the process of overcoming it.

*Think Rationally About The Source Of Your Fear*

Understanding what’s causing your dental fear will help you keep a clear head leading up to your dentist appointments. That’s because you’ll be able to think more rationally, keeping your fear in check so it won’t get out of control.

We don’t mean to simplify this unfairly. We completely understand what a big step this part of the process is and will do all we can to make sure you know what’s coming throughout your appointment so you don’t have to guess or think the worst.

*Experience Dentistry Differently*

Overcoming fear of any kind may start with changing the way you think, but that’s certainly not where it ends.

We understand that completely! We know exactly how difficult it is for fearful patients to step foot in a dentist office, which is why catering to your comfort begins immediately upon your arrival.

You’ll always be greeted warmly by our caring team, and we will always make sure to give you the time and attention you deserve.

You won’t feel rushed or unheard because we take the time to answer all your questions and explain your treatment plan thoroughly.

Then, you can take advantage of our comfort amenities like cozy blankets, pillows, TV, or soothing music to help you relax.

If you need more than that, we offer oral medication that you can take prior to your appointment so by the time your procedure begins, you’ll be deeply relaxed, and probably even groggy.

Once you’ve experienced stress-free dentistry, you’ll feel a little more confident heading into your next appointment, and even more for the one after that. Eventually, you can get to the point where you not only have a healthy mouth again and can maintain it with simple cleanings, but you may not even require the use of medication to feel comfortable and relaxed!

Schedule An Appointment!

From our patient-friendly technology to our dental sedation options, we’re here to help you find relief from dental anxiety so that you can take control of your oral and overall health.

When you begin to experience stress-free dentistry, you will build courage to make routine dental care a normal part of your lifestyle so you can maintain a healthy mouth for the rest of your life.

Call Elizabeth Kilpatrick-Fox, DMD today at 856-997-2767 or fill out our online form to request an appointment in Swedesboro, NJ.

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