If it’s been awhile since you lost some of your teeth, you may have lost too much healthy jawbone to support traditional dental implants. Or maybe you’re missing some teeth in places where you just don’t have enough room for a standard implant.
Either can be a reason for a dentist telling you that implants just aren’t going to work for you.
But that’s not always the case, especially when you have a dentist like Elizabeth Kilpatrick-Fox, DMD who’s devoted years to helping patients enjoy the benefits of strong, secure replacement teeth using both full-size and mini dental implants!

Why Mini Dental Implants Are Such A Blessing

As the holidays approach, we want to offer you hope for having the healthy mouth, great smile, and higher quality of life you deserve by sharing some reasons why mini implants in Swedesboro, NJ are such a blessing for our patients:

*A Less-Invasive Procedure*

As you might have guessed, mini implants are a smaller version of full-size implants, but they essentially work the same way in providing secure replacement teeth with a strong bite so you can eat the foods you love.
But since they’re smaller, placing them is faster and easier, making it a less-invasive process than is required for standard implants. This is also a reason that mini implants are more affordable!

*Faster Healing & Recovery*

Because they’re easier to place, many patients bounce back more quickly after a mini implants procedure. Some soreness for a couple of days is to be expected with any dental treatment like this, but with mini implants, an easier, straightforward procedure makes for an easier, faster recovery and healing period.

*More Teeth Replacement Options*

As we said before, jawbone that’s lost too much mass can’t support a full-size implant. That’s why many patients are told they don’t qualify for dental implants, and it can be a crushing blow when you’ve been hoping for better, more secure replacement teeth than removable dentures.
Mini implants re-open that door, allowing you to have stable new teeth even if you’ve suffered jawbone deterioration to some extent. If traditional dental implants were the end of the road, your options for replacing a full arch of teeth would be limited, and conventional dentures just aren’t right for everyone.
Mini implants can sometimes be used to secure dentures in place so you can smile, eat, and laugh without any anxiety about your teeth slipping around or falling out!

We Can Help You Feel Comfortable

Even though the procedure for mini implants is easier than placing traditional implants, you still may have some apprehension about it. Many people are uncomfortable with dental treatment in general anyway, so we can understand why you might feel anxious about implants.
But like we do for all our patients who fear treatment, we will do everything we can to make sure you’re as comfortable as possible.
We offer pillows, blankets, headphones, and even oral medication to help you feel completely relaxed during your procedure.
Tooth loss is stressful enough. Your road back to better oral health doesn’t have to be!

Schedule A Consultation!

Could mini dental implants restore your oral health and give you a smile you’ll feel grateful for? The only way to know for sure is to visit with Dr. Fox in Swedesboro, NJ so you can find out if mini implants are a good choice for you. We will help you have the full function and great-looking smile you deserve with the replacement teeth that work best for you!
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