If missing teeth have shattered your confidence, changed your appearance, and threatened your health, each day can be an emotional and physical struggle.
The holidays are much harder because your dental problems are harder to forget, and even harder to hide.
Our team at Elizabeth Kilpatrick-Fox, DMD want to change that for you!
Today, we’re shedding light on why our dental implant solutions in Swedesboro, NJ are such a great choice, especially during this time of year!

On A Holiday, Or Any Day, Dental Implants Shine!

You can complete your smile with dental bridges, but if you really want your smile, jawbone, and teeth to shine for a lifetime, dental implants are the best choice, one that you’ll be grateful for on a holiday, or any day!

*Implants Give You Back Your Confidence*

Your oral health plays a bigger role in your confidence than you may realize until you’re the one facing tooth loss.
If you have dental problems, especially one as profound as missing teeth, your confidence takes a hit on multiple fronts.
On one hand, you won’t feel proud of your smile. It’s an embarrassing problem to have large, empty spaces between your teeth.
Then there’s the inevitable impact missing teeth can have on your eating habits.
If you don’t have all your teeth, or you’ve been living with removable dentures, then you’re not going to feel confident about eating what you want, or about eating in front of other people!
This is where dental implants can really shine for you!
They give you a strong bite, nearly as strong as with natural teeth, and a healthy, beautiful smile.
These are essential to your confidence, and dental implants can give that back to you!

*Implants Give You Back Your Life*

Sitting down for a delicious meal should be an enjoyable experience.
Obviously, missing teeth affect your oral function to the extent that you probably avoid certain foods, or you chew on one side of your mouth just to perform one of life’s basic necessities.
But really, chewing your food without pain is more than just about your best health.
It’s about living your best life.
Being able to eat whatever you want, and doing it pain-free, is a quality of life issue, and the only tooth replacement solution that allows you to maintain the quality of life you’re accustomed to is the dental implant.
So essentially, how you choose to replace missing teeth boils down to the kind of life you want to live.
Do you want to live without dietary restrictions, especially when the holidays roll around?
Do you want to maintain a balanced, nutritious diet every day of the year?
Do you want to enjoy the sensory experience that comes with eating?
If the answer is yes, you should visit our Swedesboro, NJ practice to speak with Dr. Fox about dental implants and whether or not they’re right for you!

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If you want to eat the food you love, enjoy the full function of your teeth, and have a healthy, natural-looking smile, it’s time to choose the best for yourself.
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