The Academy Awards are just days away, which means you’ll see all your favorite head-turning celebrities with those radiant, stunning smiles that always wow us from the red carpet.
There’s no reason you can’t have the same flawless, bright smile, thanks to cosmetic dentistry in Swedesboro, NJ!

Rival A Red Carpet Smile With Cosmetic Dentistry!

At Elizabeth Kilpatrick-Fox DMD, you have many cosmetic dental treatments to choose from that can give you a smile that rivals those you see on the red carpet during awards season!

*Shine The Spotlight On Your Smile*

Easy and affordable, teeth whitening treatment is the perfect way to shine the spotlight on a dark or dull smile.
Actors and actresses are under a lot of pressure to defy the time and elements that stain teeth, like age, dark foods and drinks, prescription medications, tobacco, and other factors. But they don’t know something you don’t. They simply rely on dental professionals to perform safe, effective whitening treatment using the same trusted systems like you’ll find at Elizabeth Kilpatrick-Fox DMD!
With our teeth whitening system, you can enjoy fast, dramatic, reliable results for a younger-looking smile that’s bright as the stars of Hollywood!

*Close The Curtain On Dental Flaws*

Don’t let the celebrities fool you.
Those perfect teeth and gums aren’t something that nature blessed them with. Most likely, they were created using one of Hollywood’s earliest beauty secrets.
Dental veneers!
Created originally as a temporary cosmetic solution to perfect the smiles of actors and actresses, veneers have become widely available to the general public and a popular treatment in dental practices everywhere. They’re customized to be bonded comfortably and firmly over dental flaws like:
*Crooked teeth
*Gapped teeth
*Misshapen teeth
*Stained, discolored teeth
*Damaged teeth
Just like a Hollywood celebrity, you can close the curtain over your dental flaws thanks to our porcelain veneers in Swedesboro, NJ!

*Get Your Teeth In Perfect Shape*

One of the most captivating parts of red carpet season are the elegant silhouettes of Hollywood royalty, draped in custom designer gowns fitted to their perfectly-shaped figures.
They can thank personal chefs and trainers for that, but what’s just as flawless are the outlines of their teeth, each the perfect length and shape.
Again, your Swedesboro, NJ cosmetic dentist can sculpt your smile to match what you see on screen! With tooth bonding and contouring, we’re able to smooth out the surface of dented, damaged enamel or the rough, pointy edges of misshapen teeth without pain or a Hollywood paycheck.

Schedule A Consultation!

It’s easy to assume that you’ll never have the same beautiful smile as your favorite celebrity because you don’t have the same Hollywood paycheck to fix your own dental flaws.
But cosmetic dentistry is more diverse and affordable than you think!
Let us find the perfect cosmetic solution to suit your goals and budget in Swedesboro, NJ so you can have a smile that rivals those you see on the red carpet this season!
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