Stay Cool & Calm With A Summer Dental Emergency Plan! [BLOG]

You and your family will have enough going on during the summer months to have to deal with unexpected dental emergencies without the right tools, plans, and dentist to help you.

That’s what our team at Elizabeth Kilpatrick-Fox, DMD is here for!

Prevent Panic With A Dental Emergency Plan!

Here are some helpful tips from your Swedesboro dentist for preventing panic and responding quickly and effectively in the event of a summer dental emergency:

*Have A Kit For Dental Emergencies*

Rather than scrambling around in a frenzy searching for items that may help you respond to an oral injury, create your own dental first-aid kit just as you do for standard emergencies, with items like:


  • Gloves and gauze
  • Dental cement and wax
  • A dental mirror
  • Small cloths
  • A small, sealed container
  • Pain relievers (non-aspirin)
  • The contact info to our dental office!

*Follow The Right Steps*

These emergency scenarios could happen to you and your family any time of year, but we’ll set the stage for what they might look like during the summer months in particular so you can be prepared!

Follow the right steps before you call to set up an appointment with your Swedesboro emergency dentist:


  • Losing A Tooth – Splashing around the pool, playing tag, tossing a ball around with the kids… these are the sort of activities that can lead to trips, falls, and blunt contact to the mouth. What ends up happening is that someone loses a tooth. First, get any bleeding under control, and use pain relievers and a cold compress to reduce swelling or discomfort. If there’s any dirt on the tooth, you can rinse it under warm water, making sure to hold it by the crown. Then seal it in a container of milk or water to bring with you to the dentist.
  • Breaking A Tooth – Seasonal foods this time of year are grilled chicken, crunchy vegetable kabobs, and barbecue ribs. Chomping down on these delicious favorites could result in breaking a tooth on a bone or stick. Again, stop any bleeding, reduce pain and swelling the same as before, and then call us right away to arrange an emergency appointment!
  • Feeling Pain In Your Mouth – Any kind of pain inside your mouth should be taken seriously and treated like a dental emergency! With an influx of sugar in your diet during vacations and parties, along with changes to your normal routine and environment, including your oral care regimen, you could experience a painful toothache or nagging sensitivity from decay or cavities. The only thing to do in this scenario is to call us at the first sign of trouble so we can treat the cause as soon as possible before it worsens!

Call Your Swedesboro Emergency Dentist!

If you follow the steps we’ve talked about today and have your own dental emergency kit on hand, you’ll be better prepared to handle these types of problems with a cool head!

And remember to count on your Swedesboro emergency dentist when you need help fast! Call Elizabeth Kilpatrick-Fox, DMD right away at 856-997-2767 or fill out our online form for a non-appointment

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