We’re just 10 days into January, so your Swedesboro dentist wants to check in to see how you’re doing on those New Year’s resolutions.

As your trusted source for life-changing dentistry, we want to do all we can to support you in the effort to improve your oral health. We also want to give an extra bit of encouragement to anyone out there who’s doing their best to quit smoking.

It’s definitely not easy to stop this habit, but it will pay off big time in restoring your body, including your smile!

Along with oral cancer and everything else smoking can do to destroy your health, it puts you at a much higher risk for gum disease. Since Dr. Fox is an experienced dentist who stays on the cutting edge of modern techniques, it’s never been easier to restore unhealthy gums that have been damaged by periodontal disease.

So not only can you rely on this video when you need a quick boost of motivation, you can also count on Dr. Fox and our team to provide gentle but effective gum therapy to turn your oral health around and improve your overall health moving forward.

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