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    With our advanced technology and training, you can trust the top-quality smile care at Elizabeth Kilpatrick-Fox, DMD. Patients value our warm, friendly staff, comfortable environment, soothing amenities, and oral sedation that makes your appointments relaxing and satisfying.

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    Modify everything you don’t like about the way your gums and teeth look with assistance from award-winning Clarksboro, NJ cosmetic dentist, Dr. Fox. You can remove stubborn teeth discoloration, reconstruct your teeth and gums, cover gaps and surface imperfections, or make over your smile completely!

    Great, friendly and knowledgeable staff! I am so happy to have finally found a dentist that I feel comfortable with. I could easily tell that the staff genuinely cared about me as the patient.

    — Alicia

    I want to say this is the best dental practice I have ever been to. I would and have recommended them to everyone.

    — Linda

    Dr. Fox and her team are first rate! Very professional, friendly and understanding. She explains options and clearly has the best interest of her patients at heart.

    — Don

Find The Right Cosmetic Treatment For Your Smile

When you turn to our experts at Elizabeth Kilpatrick-Fox, DMD, you can get the gorgeous smile you’ve always dreamed about and feel proud of the way you appear in every setting!

You will find a broad selection of cosmetic dental solutions to improve your smile’s look and your confidence, consisting of:

  • Restorative Dentistry – Sometimes, all you need to enhance the look of teeth is to upgrade old, metal fillings to tooth-colored fillings that blend into your smile. You can likewise count on natural-looking full and partial dental crowns to fix damaged, unsightly teeth.
  • Teeth Whitening – Lift persistent stains with our powerful teeth whitening system that drastically brightens a dull smile.
  • Tooth Bonding – Cover small imperfections like gaps, surface damage, and misshapen teeth with a composite resin that’s shaped and polished to perfection.
  • Dental Veneers – Customize your new smile with dental veneers that can offer you a Hollywood smile that lasts for years.
  • Teeth Contouring – Make your teeth look even with contouring, an easy, painless treatment that gently smooths the edges of your tooth enamel.
  • Smile Makeover – Give your smile an overall makeover, a thorough treatment plan made up of two or more cosmetic procedures to improve your appearance.
  • Six Month Smiles® – This orthodontic service focuses on front teeth so you can correct your smile rapidly and cost-effectively.
  • Dental Implants – Replace missing teeth with several dental implant options to restore your oral function and make your smile whole once again!
  • Gum Treatment – Dr. Fox performs a modern pinhole technique that brings back gum tissue, stabilizes your teeth, and gives your gums a healthy pink glow again.

Anybody with dental anxiety will likely avoid optional treatment out of fear, but nothing ought to keep you from having the lovely smile you’ve always wanted. That’s why we cater to your comfort with amenities like blankets, pillows, and TV monitors to distract you throughout treatment. You can also rely on dental sedation to help calm your nerves during your procedure.

Feel confident and look remarkable all the time with a radiant, perfect smile! Call Elizabeth Kilpatrick-Fox, DMD at 856-997-2767 to arrange an appointment with your Clarksboro, NJ cosmetic dentist.

Meet Dr. Elizabeth Kilpatrick-Fox

Dr. Kilpatrick-Fox is dedicated to improving lives through groundbreaking dentistry. She’s an expert implant dentist, a fellow in the Misch International Implant Institute, and has appeared on several lists of top dentists thanks to her skills and friendly chairside manner.

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