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    You can have a healthy mouth again when you trust our experienced team at Elizabeth Kilpatrick-Fox, DMD. We will make sure you feel comfortable and relaxed with cozy blankets, soft pillows, TVs, and dental sedation so you can receive reconstructive dental treatment without fear or stress.

  • Our Services

    Dr. Fox is an expert dentist who has spent decades placing and restoring dental implants in Repaupo. You can replace one, many, or all of your teeth with restorations like dental crowns, bridges, and dentures attached to traditional or mini implants for a strong, secure bite and healthy smile.

    Great, friendly and knowledgeable staff! I am so happy to have finally found a dentist that I feel comfortable with. I could easily tell that the staff genuinely cared about me as the patient.

    — Alicia

    I want to say this is the best dental practice I have ever been to. I would and have recommended them to everyone.

    — Linda

    Dr. Fox and her team are first rate! Very professional, friendly and understanding. She explains options and clearly has the best interest of her patients at heart.

    — Don

Reconstruct Your Mouth With Dental Implant Solutions

The highly skilled team at Elizabeth Kilpatrick-Fox, DMD is your trusted source for groundbreaking implant dentistry that can change your life.

We offer wide-ranging services in one place that you might need to replace a single tooth, fully reconstruct your mouth, and everything in between, including:

  • Gum Treatment – Dr. Fox is experienced with the pinhole technique, a less invasive gum procedure than a graft, used to rebuild gum tissue that has receded as a result of advanced periodontal disease.
  • Oral Surgery – If you need to have any teeth removed first, or require a procedure to rebuild jawbone or gum tissue that’s been lost from missing teeth, we can perform your oral surgery here, including bone and gum grafting, ridge augmentations, extractions, and sinus lifts.
  • Restorative Dentistry – We can replace one or several teeth using dental crowns and bridges, securing them to dental implants for unmatched strength and stability.
  • Dental Implants – With traditional and mini dental implants, Dr. Fox can find the best tooth replacement solution suited to your oral health needs. Whether you’ve lost bone mass in your jaw or essential gum tissue, we can perform surgical procedures to rebuild the foundation of your mouth and help you become a better candidate for groundbreaking implant restorations.
  • Dentures – We use only the finest materials and latest technology to create the most lifelike dentures available, and by attaching them to dental implants, you can enjoy all the same benefits of easier, more enjoyable eating and better, lasting health.

With our advanced technology and the expertise of Dr. Fox and our team, we’re able to place and restore implants right here in our practice so you don’t have to travel to outside specialists for your dental procedures.

We’re here to provide relief for your dental anxiety so that you can feel comfortable and confident enough to pursue the treatment you need for better health. You can distract yourself with TVs, cozy up with warm blankets and pillows, and choose dental sedation to calm your nerves during your procedure. With the help of our compassionate team, you will soon be able to eat easily and comfortably and smile confidently again!

Get your life back with dental implants in Repaupo! Call Elizabeth Kilpatrick-Fox, DMD at 856-997-2767 to schedule your consultation.

Meet Dr. Elizabeth Kilpatrick-Fox

Dr. Kilpatrick-Fox is dedicated to improving lives through groundbreaking dentistry. She’s an expert implant dentist, a fellow in the Misch International Implant Institute, and has appeared on several lists of top dentists thanks to her skills and friendly chairside manner.

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